Thank you

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m totally gobsmacked by the amount of comments and messages I got over the weekend!!  Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to comment, I’m genuinely touched.  I took a couple of days away from blogging and did family things like pigging out on chocolate and a trip to Enniskillen and I’ve decided the blog will continue but I will blog about the things I want to rather than the things I feel I should…if that makes sense?  I take way too many photos for me not to post them anyway! Thank you so much to you all once again xx

Koko LatteHere’s the lovely chocolate treat Lucy and I shared on Sunday at Koko Latte.  We met up with a reader of the blog, who’s now a friend and had a great chat…even if it did consist of topics like death and leprosy!! Hopefully the mid-blog crisis is now over 🙂


19 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. June says:


    You’re very welcome, Val, but actually, we (your readers and your faithful followers) are the ones who thank you…for deciding to continue on with the blog. Delighted!

    Yaaay!!! 🙂

  2. June says:

    ps – I forgot to ask this.

    Where in Sligo is this Koko Latte cafe? That chocolate cake looks absolutely decadently gorgeous!

    Having said that, though, I used to always go into the wonderful Cafe de Paris, but sadly, as you probably already know, John had to close the cafe a couple of weeks ago. I was and still am quite saddened by that…it was a great little cafe (you did a lovely blog post about it last year, if memory serves me) and had amazing Malteser cake and caramel apple cheesecake and beautiful coffee, too.

  3. TooManyMuffins says:

    I’ll be paying a visit to that cafe looks soo yummy. Glad to hear you’re gonna keep blogging. I’ll say it again, I love your blog and your highlighting areas of Ireland that get highlighted no where else. You should be proud!

  4. craftysorcha says:

    I was trying to read about your decision to remain in blogging but I kept getting distracted by that cake! :p
    Seriously though, delighted you are staying. It is best to write about what you want or otherwise it’s no fun anymore!

  5. Karen says:

    Thank you, Val. It is great to know that you continue blogging. The odd day off blogging kindles inspiration. It has been already mentioned: we are glad you made this decision. 🙂

  6. Susan says:

    Thank YOU for deciding not to quit! I couldn’t believe it when I saw you were thinking about it 😦 Even though I don’t always leave a comment, and I don’t check it every day, I do look forward to seeing your photos and keeping up with all things Sligo. I would miss you if you weren’t here…

  7. brendan says:

    delighted that you have decided to continue, and as you have said blog what you want to…not what you feel you should…. excellent work val, keep it up

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