Lissadell BeachWe had a frosty start to the day here in Sligo.  The car was covered in ice this morning,  it was beautiful when it cleared though and the sun came out so I went to Lissadell.  I was hoping to go to Lissadell House because it’s open until October 21st.  I got there just after 9am (it was meant to be open from 9.00-1.30pm) but there was a sign saying the next house tour wasn’t until 11.30am which was a bit annoying. It really was awful to see all the fences and keep out signs all over the place.  The court case to establish right of way is still ongoing and I really hope it’s sorted out soon.

IMG_5677I decided not to hang around until 11.30 and to remember Lissadell as it was before when it was open properly.

DSCF9258I had a lovely walk along Lissadell Beach,  I could hear seals but didn’t see them.  We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful country.

DSCF9252The photo above is the old changing house (so I’m told on Facebook and twitter), apparently there were steps from it that went into the sea.  The mountain in the background is Benbulben.

Looking out of the windowWhat a great view to have!

White and blueSo these are my photos from this morning in sunny Sligo.  The rest of them are here.


7 thoughts on “Lissadell

  1. Ann Donnelly says:

    Such beauty on our doorstep. Your shots are inspiring. Guess whats on my wish list this Christmas? Yes, a new camera.

  2. glove94 says:

    Im so glad that I live in a county of beauty! Shame about Lissadell as it seems like its a waste of history which it isn’t!

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