Rackhouse Pilfer

Rackhouse PilferRackhouse Pilfer are a 6 piece alt country, bluegrass band who were born during acoustic sessions in McGarrigle’s Bar in Sligo early 2012 where they played their favourite bluegrass, Americana and folk hits. The sessions instantly become really popular and they still enjoy their thriving Monday night residency in McG’s, packing the place to the rafters.

IMG_0228I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys play at a few different events and they really are fantastic. They look like they are having great fun and also get the crowd dancing.  Their debut album, “Back to the Country”  was launched at The Model Arts Centre Sligo, filling the venue to capacity and insuring a night that will go down in Sligo’s musical legend.

IMG_0214Rackhouse Pilfer are now ready to return to the studio to record their second album, this time of all original material and with the help of a London-based producer. They have secured the use of a professional recording studio and have saved 50% of the necessary budget through gigging and touring over the past year. Here’s where you can really help. Your funding will help pay for the studio, producer, mixing, mastering and CD production. You also get something in return: For €10 + you get a digital download of the album and thank you on the “Legend’s Wall’ within their CD booklet & on our website. If you donate more money you get more ‘rewards’.  For €550 Rackhouse Pilfer will come to your home* and play an acoustic session for your and your friends PLUS A signed copy of our CD and thank you on the “Legend’s Wall’ within their CD booklet & on our website. (*North West Ireland, date to be agreed in advance with band) and there are loads more options. So to help fund this brilliant band please click here.


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