Rainy days and Mondays

Michael Quirke's signA bit of a blog about everything today.  The photo above is in Michael Quirke’s window, it always makes me smile….he’s quite right 🙂  Sligotoday did an article about my twitter award, shucks 🙂

The GaravogueI’m back at college two mornings a week now.  I hang around town when Jono is at his centre so it’s nice to have something to do.  Monday is computers and at the moment I’m learning about spreadsheets, it’s hard going for me because I don’t really know anything about them but we have a great teacher so I’m getting there.  I have a drama class on a Wednesday which is brilliant!! Great craic altogether.  I would love to find out about other courses to see if there’s anything else I can do but these courses are run by Sligo VEC and their website isn’t up to date, plus when I went in to enquire about other classes the lady in the reception was quite rude and abrupt so I’ve given up trying to find out at the moment.  I do wonder how some people have jobs!

The photo above was taken on my walk after college.

Cool caterpillarI saw this caterpillar in Doorly Park. I’ve never seen one like this before….very cool. Nature Learn tells me it’s the catterpillar of the Pale Tussock moth 🙂

Xtravision/HMV posterI was delighted to see this poster in Xtra-vision Sligo today. I’ve really missed HMV so looking forward to it returning.  So that’s all my photos from Sligo for today.  I’ll just leave you with this video – ‘Jig don’t Jog – The Irish Workout’.

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