Tayto Park

Us at Tayto ParkYesterday we went to Tayto Park for the day. Only in Ireland would there be a theme park dedicated to a potato! I know Jono and Lucy are quite old for this but we all had a really lovely day.  I’ve seen people complaining about the price, (it’s €12 each or two adults and two children for €40) but when you think the Wax museum is €11 per adult and the National Leprechaun Museum is €12, in my opinion Tayto Park is a much better day out.

Spud graveyard?A couple of things surprised me, firstly that the park is right next door to a graveyard. I wonder if this is for old spuds.  The other thing was the music that was playing in the park, when we arrived there was a song playing with explicit lyrics…not great with children going around the place.

PlaygroundWe parked in the Salt and Vinegar car park, there are also Cheese and Onion and Smokey Bacon car parks, there are stewards directing the traffic.  The park is lovely and clean, the staff are friendly and it all seemed really well run. There are plenty of toilets (I love the signs) and they are spread out around the place, as are the snack kiosks…I love the Mr. Tayto cups for the tea and coffee.


CrispsWe went on a tour of the factory, I thought you’d get a guided tour but you don’t. You walk above the machines in a corridor and get to look through windows at the machines and the people going about their work. As you are walking along there is this mad song playing about Mr. Tayto!

Mr Tayto through the yearsThe walls of the factory tour show the history of Tayto crisps. The thing we enjoyed most was The Vortex Tunnel at the end of the tour. It’s a mad thing, you really feel like you are going to fall over but it’s only the lights that move! Poor Jono had to be dragged out of it!

The VortexThere is also a small animal park, we got to see some of the animals being fed.  We also spent a while running away from the many wasps!

MeerkatsIMG_9665 IMG_9693There is also a zipline, a slide, climbing wall, rodeo buffalos and various other activities, some of them are an extra charge.  There is face painting for the kids and shows going on in the marquee.

IMG_9686 IMG_9636You could easily spend the day at Tayto Park. I would recommend bringing a picnic though (and there are plenty of places to eat them). There is a restaurant but it’s quite expensive.

IMG_9580Jono was sad that the Twisted Chip was closed (apparently because the children had gone back to school, but there were lots of children around).

Potato FallsI liked the fountains and gardens and the fact that it was a nice enclosed park, no walking miles to get to the various parts. I thought it was a great day out, both Jono and Lucy really enjoyed it too. Jono thought it was a better day out than Dublin Zoo. Everyone gets a bag of Tayto when they leave as well. The only thing I’d ask is can they put up some more direction signs on the roads leading to the park, my SatNav wasn’t working and I ended up in Ashbourne Centre because there wasn’t a sign on the roundabout. The rest of my photos are here.


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