The National Leprechaun Museum, Dublin (wot no leprechaun’s!)

Jono and I decided to go to the National Leprechaun Museum as we were up in Dublin. First of all we had to book as the tours run every fifteen minutes but at least we didn’t have to wait long. It costs 10 euro for adults which isn’t too bad and 8.50 for children which I think is a bit of a rip off.

First of all you are taken into a room with a few bits of memorabilia about leprechaun’s, and given a talk by the tour guide.

Then you walk down a tunnel, which is cool because although it’s a short tunnel you look tiny if you stand at the end of it. It’s a real shame about the fire exit sign though, it sort of ruins the mood!

Then you walk under the ‘Giant’s causeway’ and end up in the Giant’s Room which is great, but as with a lot of the rooms could be so much better. Most of the rooms are very dark so if you don’t have a camera with a flash you aren’t going to get much in the way of photo’s. The Giant’s room consists of a giant table, chairs and lamp. The kitchen chairs were taller than us and although I tried there was no way I could climb up into one, what a shame there are no steps to help people. Also the tour guide doesn’t go through all the rooms with you so there was no one to ask. It was grand to those that had people to hoist themselves up onto the chairs.

We did manage to climb onto this chair using the table at the side of it and another visitor took our photo. It might be an idea for the museum to take photo’s of people like other tourist attractions do. They could also help people onto the chairs.

Then you go into the umbrella room and of course what comes next but a rainbow.

You walk through the rainbow and into the room with the pot of gold. The tour guide meets you again and tells you more folklore stories.

Then you follow the tour guide into the fairy hill and watch a light show, which is cool and hear about the Salmon of Knowledge, Children of Lir etc. Then on through a story room and out into the shop. Where everyone is given a piece of paper to draw a leprechaun. We didn’t have time to stay for this part.

Now what would I really have liked to see? Well a leprechaun of course. There wasn’t a sight of one which for me defeats the whole point of the museum. Even if there were models of them or if the staff dressed up as them. I know it sounds corny but when you go to a museum about leprechauns you really expect to see at least one.

Another room that would have been good would have been a room showing Darby O’Gill and the little people. The tour guide asked if anyone had seen the film, not many had. She said well you can watch it on YouTube!

For me there was too much talking and not enough to do.  I think young children would be bored. The tour is very short at around 45 minutes and most of it is talking.  The most annoying thing of all is the pounding of the treadmills from the gym next door. It detracts from the diddley, iddley music.

The rest of my photos are on flickr.

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10 Responses

  1. I can’t believe there were no leprechauns. That’s mad!

    The bit about the tour guide saying you could watch Darby O’Gill on YouTube is hilarious! They should have copies of the film available to purchase, or even snippets from the film on a video for visitors to watch.

  2. Kim

    Thanks so much for your review of this museum. I knew it was a museum about folklore, but had no idea what to expect inside. We kick around going occasionally, but honestly the price turns us off every time. Unfortunately, I think we’ll have to give this one a miss.

      1. Kim

        I haven’t actually and I was just telling my friend the other day I’d like to give that one a go! Thanks for the tip!

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