Slieve League

Slieve LeagueOn Monday I finally got to Slieve League in County Donegal.  I’ve heard a lot about it but never actually got there before.

Walking along the cliffsI saw a carpark with portaloos and there was a closed gate leading up to the cliffs so I presumed you couldn’t drive any further and parked the car.  I ended walking the rest of the way and saw buses and cars driving up, I’ll know better if I go back again.

Smiling sheepIt was nice walking along with just the sheep for company though, very peaceful until I got to the parking area near the top of the cliffs and saw all the tourists.

SheepwalkingIce Cream VanThe two photos above really remind me of something out of Father Ted.

Ti LinnOn the way back from the cliffs I stopped off at Ti Linn which is a lovely craft and coffee shop.  I had a well-earned scone and coffee…which was very nice and would have been nicer if the cream didn’t taste of onions!!

RiverAfter my break I drove a bit further and stopped by this lovely river.

FishingI had a really nice day out, it’s a very scenic place. I’m not keen on the roads though (who knew it was possible to feel car sick when you are driving!!) The rest of my photos are here.



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