North Sligo Agricultural Show

You can't beat a bit of bullyI took Rocket-dog to the North Sligo Agricultural Show today so he could take part in the Sligo Animal Rescue fun dog show.  The weather stayed dry and the place was packed (even though it was €10 to get into the field….which I think is really expensive).  I’m sure it’s to cover Jimmy Buckley playing but to be honest I legged it when he started, just not my kind of thing.

Making friendsWe enjoyed looking at the animals.  I was delighted we only took part in the fun dog show because we watched the ‘official dog show’ and it took the judge so long to judge them….I thought it was Crufts for a minute 😉

JudgingIt was interesting watching the cows being groomed, they didn’t seem to mind either.

IMG_3991 IMG_4025 IMG_4026Rocket-dog didn’t win anything but we had a good day out anyway, these are just phone photos, there was another photographer there for the animal rescue so I didn’t want to upset them by taking pics.  I hope the Sligo Animal Rescue raised some money for their wonderful service.

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  1. Would’ve loved to have been there today at the Sligo show (either as a trader or as a visitor enjoying all the great craic happening) but I was selling my crafts at a Gathering festival/street fair in Elphin today…on and off rain and blustery winds, but it was still a lgood day out, and got to meet some lovely people (and sold a few plaques too, which is always a plus).

    I love agricultural shows – I’ve only just started selling at them this year (one in Strandhill in June and one last weekend in Manorhamilton). I love the whole traditional vibe about them, and how friendly and happy everyone is while they’re at the shows, enjoying whatever’s going on. I love the horse shows and the dog shows, the music, the cake and baking competitions, the traditional craft makers…it’s a wonderful day out for the whole family at an agricultural show, whichever one you go go.

    i’m extra delighted that money was raised for Sligo Animal Rescue. I agree – they do a wonderful and so very important service for all animals who need help and safety and shelter.

    Tomorrow, I’m off to Keadue for their annual O’Carolan’s Harp Festival. I’d love to see you there if you’re in the area tomorrow afternoon. There’ll be a parade, music (Sharon Shannon, harp competitions, choirs/choral groups in the church) and it’s a really lovely and pretty little village. Fingers crossed the weather behaves itself and my plaques don’t get rained on again, as they did today.

  2. I don’t know if it’s the case for the North Sligo Show, but perhaps the entry fee is so high because the costs are so high? I know a lot of shows have closed down in the last 15 years because they weren’t financially viable. It’s a shame, I used to love going to shows with my parents when I was youn (granny used to win all the prizes for her cakes!)

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