Strandhill sunsets

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13 thoughts on “Strandhill sunsets

  1. Kate Denison Bell says:

    Lovely! Sure wish I could experience a Strandhill sunset today .. or anything outside! Congrats, by the way, on 3e’s Deric showcasing another one of your award-winning shots, determined beachgoers at Strandhill — despite the fog. As you said, only in Ireland!

      • june says:

        Wait…it actually RAINED somewhere in Ireland in the past week?! And as near as Strandhill?! Wow – I’d absolutely no idea that it rained anywhere in Sligo.

      • magnumlady says:

        Yes this evening it rained in Strandhill, also in the last few minutes in Sligo town and there were thunder storms in Carrick-on-Shannon. No sign of rain in Coolaney

      • june says:

        Nothing here in south Sligo, either.

        Yes, it has definitely clouded up and cooled off/cooled down a wee bit compared to the last week to ten days, but I’d no idea there was rain in them there clouds, lol.! We definitely need a bit of rainfall, though. A bit – not to the point of flooding, though. Poor Strandhill. I hope no one’s homes or businesses were affected.

  2. Shirley Sticht Schuette says:

    I am considering a short trip to the Sligo area while I’m visiting my kids in Dublin this fall, and I was looking at Strandhill as a place to stay. This encourages me. I was wondering about transportation from the train station in Sligo out to Strandhill. Is that pretty easy to get?

    Thanks for the photos. They’re awesome.

    • june says:

      i was just about to tell you about the bus, but Val beat me to it 🙂 I know there’s a bus going from Sligo town right into Strandhill) which leaves you in a public car park/bus stop area, only 2 or three minutes of a walk from the beautiful beach and the amazing Shells cafe. It’s about a 12 to 15 minute car journey from Sligo town (I know because I’ve done it quite a few times), so if you did have to opt for a taxi, as Val says, I doubt it’d be very expensive. But there definitely is a direct bus link to and from Sligo to Strandhill. You’ll love it – it’s one of my favourite places in all of Sligo (and that’s saying something, as Sligo has so many amazing places to check out).

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