Strandhill sunsets

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  1. Lovely! Sure wish I could experience a Strandhill sunset today .. or anything outside! Congrats, by the way, on 3e’s Deric showcasing another one of your award-winning shots, determined beachgoers at Strandhill — despite the fog. As you said, only in Ireland!

      1. Wait…it actually RAINED somewhere in Ireland in the past week?! And as near as Strandhill?! Wow – I’d absolutely no idea that it rained anywhere in Sligo.

      2. Yes this evening it rained in Strandhill, also in the last few minutes in Sligo town and there were thunder storms in Carrick-on-Shannon. No sign of rain in Coolaney

      3. Nothing here in south Sligo, either.

        Yes, it has definitely clouded up and cooled off/cooled down a wee bit compared to the last week to ten days, but I’d no idea there was rain in them there clouds, lol.! We definitely need a bit of rainfall, though. A bit – not to the point of flooding, though. Poor Strandhill. I hope no one’s homes or businesses were affected.

  2. I am considering a short trip to the Sligo area while I’m visiting my kids in Dublin this fall, and I was looking at Strandhill as a place to stay. This encourages me. I was wondering about transportation from the train station in Sligo out to Strandhill. Is that pretty easy to get?

    Thanks for the photos. They’re awesome.

    1. i was just about to tell you about the bus, but Val beat me to it 🙂 I know there’s a bus going from Sligo town right into Strandhill) which leaves you in a public car park/bus stop area, only 2 or three minutes of a walk from the beautiful beach and the amazing Shells cafe. It’s about a 12 to 15 minute car journey from Sligo town (I know because I’ve done it quite a few times), so if you did have to opt for a taxi, as Val says, I doubt it’d be very expensive. But there definitely is a direct bus link to and from Sligo to Strandhill. You’ll love it – it’s one of my favourite places in all of Sligo (and that’s saying something, as Sligo has so many amazing places to check out).

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