Water and nature

Crying dandlionI was delighted to find out that my photo was a runner-up in the Biodiversity week ‘water and nature’ competition that was run by the Irish Environmental Network.

It was ‘Highly Commended’ 🙂 I was asked on my blog page what lens I used for this photo. I don’t own a DSLR mainly because I can’t afford one and my photography is just a hobby so I don’t make any money from it, although if someone wants to lend me one to try I’d love to give it a go 😉 Anyway this photo was taken with my Fuji HS10 on a macro setting.

Actually I say it’s a hobby more like an obsession! I actually have ‘photographers tan’!! I don’t feel right if the camera isn’t with me at all times.

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  1. Val, hearty congratulations on another photo kudo! Nature Learn and I are very proud of your ongoing good work in promoting the natural beauty and heritage of Sligo.

  2. Nice one. You know I saved for a DSLR, not an uber expensive one or anything but I am finding most of the compacts I have do just as good a job(and getting better) with the added bonus of being handy to carry, so now I am saving up for another compact(I tend to bash them up)I really miss having one… love the shot.

    1. Thanks Clare. I’ve always said it’s not the camera you have it’s what you take with it but I’m hearing so many people on about how much better DSLR’s are so it’d be great to try one just to see.

  3. Hi congrats. You get great pics with the camera you have. Yes, I have a DSLR which I love but I also have an Olympus EP1 (got it a half price sale a few years ago) which is one of the new smaller cameras with interchangable lens – very handy for slipping into your handbag. Most of the major manufacturers are doing them now so you could look out for a second hand one and the image quality is excellent.

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