Alice in Wonderland for a day

White rabbitWell today was interesting, I was told on twitter about some rabbits up at the Benbulben mountain walk so I went up to see what was going on.  When I got there I saw this little guy so I phoned Sligo Animal Rescue and they said they rescued two of them there yesterday but didn’t know there was another one, I said I’d try to get it.

DSCF0886While it looks kind of docile in these photos the minute I went to get it it ran away! So there was me, half running, half limping trying to get the rabbit! A nice man came along and tried to help me, he went one side, I went the other and the rabbit went in the middle of us!!!

DSCF0887I carried on trying for a while and got bitten to bits by the midges until the rabbit decided to go into a boggy field and I knew my foot wouldn’t cope with the gate or the field. So I’ll try again another day and I’m sure the animal rescue will too.

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  1. I love bunnies! Fair play to you (and the lovely fella who came along and helped) trying to catch and ultimately rescue this beautiful little angel. Like Kate said, I’m really hoping that Sligo Animal Rescue can work their magic for this little one, just like they did with the other two.

    What has your doctor said about your foot? I’m hoping it just needs some rest and TLC.

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