Green Fort

BenbulbenI had a lovely morning at Green Fort as part of the Open Doors series of tours of ‘hidden’ Sligo.  It’s a wonderful place with stunning views..very much hidden as I hadn’t heard about it before.

KnocknareaThere was a great turn out for the talk and tour. Fiona Gallagher who wrote ‘The Streets of Sligo’ gave a talk first about Sligo as a garrison town. It was really interesting and it was amazing to think there were so many soldiers based in Sligo and that what is now the Velvet Rooms was once a horse barracks!

DSCF0314After the talk we walked up The Greenfort. The people of Forthill have a history page so you can read more about it here and also see a video.  Sam Moore, an archeologist, was telling us all about the fort.

DSCF0304DSCF0325Thanks to all involved for organising such a great event. The rest of my photos are here.



4 thoughts on “Green Fort

  1. Kate Denison Bell says:

    Well documented, Val. It was indeed a great experience and I’m glad you were there taking photos. Let’s hope the Green Fort soon becomes a vital heritage site that both the community and visitors can enjoy.

  2. Susan Kane says:

    It is amazing how old buildings are recycled, refitted, and become something else. Barns become mansions, ancient 747s become a landed home….Susan Kane

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