Green Fort

BenbulbenI had a lovely morning at Green Fort as part of the Open Doors series of tours of ‘hidden’ Sligo.  It’s a wonderful place with stunning views..very much hidden as I hadn’t heard about it before.

KnocknareaThere was a great turn out for the talk and tour. Fiona Gallagher who wrote ‘The Streets of Sligo’ gave a talk first about Sligo as a garrison town. It was really interesting and it was amazing to think there were so many soldiers based in Sligo and that what is now the Velvet Rooms was once a horse barracks!

DSCF0314After the talk we walked up The Greenfort. The people of Forthill have a history page so you can read more about it here and also see a video.  Sam Moore, an archeologist, was telling us all about the fort.

DSCF0304DSCF0325Thanks to all involved for organising such a great event. The rest of my photos are here.


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  1. Well documented, Val. It was indeed a great experience and I’m glad you were there taking photos. Let’s hope the Green Fort soon becomes a vital heritage site that both the community and visitors can enjoy.

  2. It is amazing how old buildings are recycled, refitted, and become something else. Barns become mansions, ancient 747s become a landed home….Susan Kane

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