Lily and Lolly Craftfest

craftfestposterThis year the Yeats Day event includes the launch of a 10-day rescheduled and re-branded Craftfest Northwest festival honouring WB’s sisters Susan and Elizabeth – affectionately named Lily and Lolly by her siblings. Susan (Lily) was a keen embroiderist.  Elizabeth (Lolly) trained under the renowned artist and textile designer William Morris in London. She was an artist and the main inspiration for the Cuala Press which she ran with her sister. They printed the work of WB Yeats and many other well-known writers including Ezra Pound, Douglas Hyde, Rabindranath Tagore and Elizabeth Bowen. The LilyLolly Craftfest will build on the success in recent years of the Northwest Craftfest. The rebranded and rescheduled festival – promoted by Made in Sligo craft wrokers group – will now be launched on Yeats day every year.

Made in Sligo

There are lots of events taking place during the festival, you can see the listing on the poster above and also keep an eye on the Season of Yeats website.



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  1. Brilliant idea to have it annually on Yeats Day. I love the name of it, too! LilyLolly Craftfest just makes me smile just saying it out loud. I wonder if other crafters (like myself) can be a part of this festival, or is it only the Made In Sligo crafters who can be part of the exhibiting? Will have to check this out further, definitely. Thanks, Val.

  2. No worries, Val. When I get a bit of free time (I’ve been super busy painting and making new plaques and mandalas day and night this entire week), I’ll either ring them or email them. It’s a wonderful idea, all the same – for crafters as well as people who love art, love crafts, and love anything to do with the great Yeats and his family. Thanks, Val. 🙂

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