8520637507_d3da74181d_b-3My final blog for the A to Z blogging challenge is Z for Zoolatry. Zoolatry is the worship of animals. I really love animals and they feature a lot in my photos. Above is our lovely rescue dog Rocket-dog with his horsey friend.

5450078851_422ea013dd_bThis fox is a regular visitor to our garden, the dog loves him πŸ™‚

4100055355_01fa4cdf27_bI’ve really enjoyed the blogging challenge. I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos πŸ™‚ Thanks for the visits.


13 thoughts on “Zoolatry

  1. Gerry Dolan says:

    Enjoyed all your photos, it was a tough challange, should come down to Belleek sometime, lots of stuff to snap,

  2. Deb Kilgallon says:

    What now? Will you take a (well deserved) break? I have enjoyed looking at your photos and “listening” to your musings.

  3. Susan Kane says:

    I have loved reading your posts about Sligo. When we visit (someday? soon?) Ireland, Sligo will be one place we must see.

  4. Claire Edwards says:

    Great photos Val πŸ™‚ Love your fox, ours has just had cubs and was playing at silly O’Clock outside our house on Sunday, so i didn’t get much sleep because of the noise, my cats were growling like mad they hate them.

    Sunny thing also that I saw some shoes the other day called Rocket-Dog and immediately thought of your little chap. Didn’t have the courage to photograph them in the shop as one of the assistants was eye-balling me πŸ˜‰ Next time.

  5. june says:

    A wonderful way to end the great A to Z blog challenge – with a wonderful word like ‘zoolatry.’ I’m one, too – a lover of all animals (especially baby animals). These three you’ve shared with us are, as all your photos, gorgeous. Especially the fox. But also Rocket-Dog and the horse…and of course, the adorable donkey, too. Is he (she?) one of Sue’s from the Sai Sanctuary?

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