8071196971_a23b21f05c_bMy W is for water. Here are a selection of my water photos. I hope you like them.

8068316398_f98cce7d2a_o 4611055113_c6bbd0075e_b6160297094_431762864b_b

15 thoughts on “Water

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  1. Seeing a surfer up in Sligo is awesome! Water photos are amazing. Susan Kanehttp://thecontemplativecat.blogspot.com

  2. W is also for ‘wow’ and ‘wonderful’. That second photo – Downpatrick? Fantastic shot. The first one is so dream-like and other-worldly. Again – wonderful.

  3. In keeping with the theme of W, I *think* (I may be wrong) that the surfer is Neil Walton (it certianly looks like him)

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