Computer classMy M for the blogging challenge is Monday because today is Monday! I go to a computer course at a local college on a Monday morning, I’m enjoying it although it’s starting to get harder. Before I went to college I had a few bits of shopping to do. I went to Tesco and used the self-service checkout. I bought Lenor and Shortbread biscuits….the bloody checkout said ‘Approval needed’! So a member of staff had to come over (when she’d finished bitching on the phone). What the hell did I need approval for some fabric conditioner and a packet of biscuits for!!

Another M is memories. Have you ever smelt something that has bought back a really old memory? Whenever  I smell TCP it reminds me of my Nan because she used to bathe in the stuff….probably because she never washed!! Sheild soap reminds me of my Friday night shower after It’s a Knockout. Why did we only shower once a week when I was a kid? It wasn’t like the water was on a meter back then. Another smell is baked bread, most people love the smell but it makes my stomach churn because one of my first jobs was in a bakers and I wasn’t treated very well.

IMG_0475-001The final M is ‘munchies’. Tayto bought out a bar of chocolate made with their cheese and onion crisps…..strange but true. I wanted to try it for ages but couldn’t find it anywhere. One of my friends found it about gave me some bars. I actually like it. The first bit tasted very strongly of cheese and onion but then I got used to the taste.

TaytoThese are Tayto crisps in their Irish packaging, they are usually in English so this is a novelty 🙂

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