Anything to declare?

740523483_bbfc59599b_oI was reading this blog earlier which I highly recommend, it’s very funny. The latest post got me thinking about travel problems and there have been a few!

When I was a child my parents used to drive from the UK over to Galway to see my Nan about 3 or 4 times a year. We used to travel to Holyhead and get the ferry from there (an awful journey which I hated). Anyway the first memory I have of it is us driving though customs coming off the ferry in the UK. I was sitting on about 4 bottles of whiskey and about ten cartons of cigarettes! The parents made the most of the duty-free. Anyway a customs guy came up to the car and asked if we had anything to declare. The parents said no but I piped up in the back of the car and said I did. I remember the parents getting very red in the face and gesturing at me to be quiet. The customs man asked what I had to declare and I said ‘I dressed in my Nan’s clothes on holiday’. Big sighs of relief all round, the booze lived to see another day.

I think the funniest time was when we were heading back to my Nan’s house again. This time to do some renovations to her house. Dad in his wisdom packed the roof rack on the car in the garage. He put so much stuff on the car that when he reversed out of the garage the door got caught on all the crap and ended up coming off its hinges and got stuck up on the roof-rack! That was also the time when Dad had bought lots of packets of wall paper paste from a car boot sale. The only thing was they were all in clear packets. Hmmm white powder in clear packets going through customs…and of course he got pulled over!! It took about 3 customs guys to taste the powder to believe his story.

In later years we were flying to the UK and Andy for some reason always carries a screwdriver in his pocket ‘in case he needs it’! He set the alarm off at the airport so got searched and he had to say goodbye to his screwdriver.



16 thoughts on “Anything to declare?

  1. Looking for Blue Sky says:

    Funny how I’ve grown to love the ferry as air travel has got much more stressful, and then I still have fond memories of the B&I boats in the 1980s and singing in the bar and sunbathing on the deck, it really was pretty enjoyable back then too!

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