Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

I was driving along today and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road came on the radio. Isn't it amazing how a song can take you right back to a moment in time and evoke a memory? This song took me back to the age of 13. I was staying at my friend Julie's house. We were listening... Continue Reading →

A trip down memory lane

I was in Galway for a few hours today to see the moon...more about that in another post but while I was there I took a walk to my old stomping ground of Woodquay where my Nan lived. It's strange because the house looks the same from the front and although there's now an extension... Continue Reading →


My M for the blogging challenge is Monday because today is Monday! I go to a computer course at a local college on a Monday morning, I'm enjoying it although it's starting to get harder. Before I went to college I had a few bits of shopping to do. I went to Tesco and used... Continue Reading →

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