Woodville Farm

Woodville FarmAnother day, another farm. This time it was Woodville Farm in Sligo as part of ‘Wild Sligo’ run by The Sligo Heritage Office.

Neil FoulkesNeil Foulkes from the Hedgelaying association of Ireland gave us a talk about the importance of farmland hedgerows and how to maintain them.

A walk on the farmA good crowd of people turned up which was great considering the lousy weather. I have to admit I was so cold I didn’t stay around for the whole talk, I couldn’t hear much anyway with the wind blowing.

woodvilleI really enjoyed looking at the farm though. The building is 250 years old and is full of character. There were some lovely animals to see too and I would love to go back on another day but the farm is now just opened to pre-booked groups. I remember bringing my kids here when they were little.

DSCF7091 DSCF7094Father JackI even met Father Jack! He was a lamb though 😉

DSCF7111Looking forward to more ‘Wild Sligo’ events.


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  1. Your posts are lyrically beautiful. Word Press does not like me. I hope my comments can reach you this way. Thanks. Susan Kane

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