Galway Food Festival 2017

If you are interested in food Galway is the place to be for the annual food festival...and who knows you might even see Ed Sheeran! The 6th annual Galway Food Festival runs from Thursday 13th of April until the Monday the 17th of April with all kinds of events taking place. Here are a few... Continue Reading →

Flowers, flea markets and food

Lucy came to visit this weekend and we had a lovely time, it was just like the old days. She even cooked me dinner 🙂 We went for long chatty walks and went shopping. I introduced her to the delight that is the Mint Aero Hot Chocolate in The Blind Tiger (good job we'd been... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

I hope you all have a lovely day, however you choose to spend it. I also hope you remembered to put your clocks forward. Judging by the weather it seems more like Autumn than Spring, unfortunately no one put Rocket-dogs clock forward so we were up at the usual early time. The photo above was... Continue Reading →

Easter in January

Yesterday we had a bit of snow in Sligo. Luckily it wasn't too bad and only lasted for the day...just as well because I'm back to being 'mum's taxi' today. The snow really didn't stand a chance as we had a storm last night. Quite a lot of homes lost their electricity. Luckily we were... Continue Reading →

Christmas and croissants

Tesco in Sligo already have Christmas stock on display....and there isn't a sign of Halloween yet 😦 Is it just me that thinks September is way too early to be selling selection boxes? Then to add insult to injury on the next shelf are Easter bunnies.....Tesco have gone mad! Today was a big day for... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

Well unless you have been living under a rock you'll know it's Easter. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. I did a very silly thing and ate my Easter Egg about three weeks ago, so I'm having a chocolate free day today. I can't even pinch any of the kids because they only got... Continue Reading →

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