Falling for Enniscrone

The old cliff bathsSaturday was an eventful night. I ended up driving around in circles because Lucy was going to a party at her friends. It was off the beaten track near Enniscrone and as this is rural Ireland there are no such things as postcodes or street names! I stopped to ask two people directions. One person couldn’t understand my English accent and the other one was new to the area! We tried phoning Lucy’s friend but the mobile phone signal was rubbish….we found the place in the end.

DarkSo Jono and I had a few hours to kill until we picked Lucy up again so for some odd reason I decided we should have a walk down by the sea….will I ever learn? I wanted to take photos of the old seaweed baths…even though it was pitch black. Anyway to cut a long story short I fell flat on my backside! So now I’m all achy but I saved the camera! I was also drenched and didn’t have a change of clothes. So we hung around the amusements and the hotel a while and tried to look inconspicuous! I had more or less dried out by the time we had to collect Lucy….which is just as well as I drove past the bloody place three times!

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