Paintings, planes, automobiles and bums

Low flying planeI think that’s possibly the longest title I’ve ever given a blog post! So where to begin, well I’m a bit tired today mainly due to the massive thunder-storm we had during the night and the fact Rocket-dog kept me awake trembling with fright! The weather did improve as the day went on and we even had a blue sky this afternoon when this plane flew over the house.

ArtThis morning I went to my art class, which I’m really enjoying. Above is our ‘homework’, mine will just look like blobs but sure I’ll give it a lash. I did a bit of painting today but didn’t take a pic of it (so think yourselves lucky!)

The White Cat and the Yellow DoorThe pic above was spotted on my travels today, shame about the raindrops, otherwise I think it would be a nice photo but I was in Gilbert (the car) when I took it. Talking of Gilbert he’s decided to start knocking, he sounds like Phil Collins playing the drums. No idea what’s wrong with him, he’s running OK apart from the knocking…I’m just waiting for something to drop off him!

I won a competition today! AA Roadwatch had a competition for holiday insurance running on twitter. The question was ‘What’s your most embarrassing holiday story?’ Mine was from our honeymoon. We went to a very classy hotel and I sat too close to the jacuzzi vent and my backside got stuck in it!! It was like a suction! Poor Andy had to drag me off there….what a start to our marriage and that was after the wedding reception where the muppet of a DJ decided to play ‘Please release me’ by Engelbert Humperdink for our first dance! Anyway now that I have holiday insurance does anyone want to donate a holiday??? Please 😉 Think of the blog post I could do 😀



8 thoughts on “Paintings, planes, automobiles and bums

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  1. So totally enjoyed this post! The mind boggles! I think the wedding and honeymoon deserve a long blog! Please!
    And congratulations! A well-deserved win!
    (Sadly no photograph but wouldn’t suit the blog-you’re not an exhibitionist!
    You’ve left me wanting more!

  2. Great and fun post, Val. Forgive me, but I couldn’t stop giggling about the jacuzzi ‘experience,’ more so because it’s definitely something that would most likely happen to me…and I’m surprised something similar hasn’t actually happened to me, loll

    Congratulations on winning the prize from AA – yes…all you need now is the holiday to go with it.

    Ah…go on…show us your ‘homework’ from your art class. I’m sure it looks much better than you think it does. We’re sometimes our own worst critic.

    1. Thanks June…yes the jacuzzi was certainly a typical me moment!

      I’m no good at the art…it’s a lot easier to take a photo but I’ll plod on.

      Yes a holiday would be lovely 🙂

  3. Thank you for today’s laugh at loud moment!!! Please Release Me…as your first dance with your hubby!!!!! You should have
    bum rush the DJ after that!!!!

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