Hospitals and back packers

Sligo GeneralWell today I spent five hours in Sligo General A&E. Not through choice I have to say and I felt like a fraud. I went to the GP yesterday about my hand as it’s been swollen for quite a while and I didn’t know if it was connected to when I shut my finger in a shop door three weeks ago. Anyway the GP decided to send me to A&E to get it x-rayed. To cut a long story short the x-ray came back OK, nothing broken, I have soft tissue damage and they suspect Reynaud’s. The GP said that or maybe rheumatoid arthritis, so I must have a blood test next week at the local surgery. Thank goodness I don’t have to go back to the hospital again, there were some very smelly people waiting!

Shrek and DonkeyJust when I was at home this evening, the doorbell went. I answered it to find two French backpackers there. They were looking for a bed for the night. Part of me felt like the Inn Keeper with Mary and Joseph, the other part of me pulled the same face as Donkey above! We’ve never had that happen before…what if they were axe murderer’s? What if WE were axe murderers!? I said sorry and sent them into the village….sorry village people!

I’m hoping for a calmer day tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Wow! You’ve definitely had quite an interest and full-on day, Val. I had to giggle when I read the bit about the two backpackers (and the photo you chose to accompany the scenario – especially the donkey’s expression – hilarious!).

    I hope all goes well with your hand. And yes, hopefully tomorrow will be a much calmer day.

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