Friday in Sligo

Doorly Park

This was taken this morning at Doorly Park. There’s always something magical about this place, it’s one of my favourite places in Sligo.


I headed to Rosses Point and was going to have a long walk….but it was freezing! So I just had a little stroll instead. The photo above is looking over Rosses Point beach, the mountain is Benbulben.

The buoy and the lighthouseThe photo above is an old sea buoy and behind that you can see the lighthouse on Oyster Island. Oyster Island is up for sale at the moment….if I win the lotto I’m moving there…although I’m not great on boats so I may have to swim to and fro.

Old watch houseI walked up to the old watch house. This was built in the 1800’s. It really does look like an owl though 😉

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  1. Beautiful photos, Val – as always. I’ve not been to Rosses Point in ages, but now, after revisiting via your keen eye and camera, I definitely need to take a drive out there again. Y’know, no matter how many times I drive to Sligo, or through Sligo going further north, to say, Bundoran (my little sister lives there), Ben Bulben just stuns me into awe-inspiring silence. The magnificence of it…the towering majestic and dominating beauty of it….I will never, ever tire of seeing it, as if approaching it in awe and wonder for the first time, all these years later.

    Oh! And if we both win the Lotto, I wanna buy up some of Oyster Island, too. There, and possibly Coney Island, too (the original one…not the one in Brooklyn, that sadly has been politically co-opted and turned into something else altogether from its original wonderful eccentric self). I’ll even row us there and back, till you get more used to it and more comfortable in a boat and in the water. Howzat sound? 🙂

    1. That sounds like a plan 🙂 I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been to Coney Island….but it’s on my ‘to do’ list. Everytime I’ve thought about it the tide has been in….or threatening to come in and knowing me I’d get stranded!
      Rosses Point is a lovely place…it could do with a ‘Shells cafe’ though 😉

      1. I agree – all beautiful places like Rosses Point should have a little cafe. So when we win the Lotto, we’ll not only buy a bit of Oyster Island (and Coney Island), but also buy and set up a Shells type of cafe in Rosses Point, too. Of course, there’ll only ever be one special place that is the wonderful Shells…but still, lovely and cozy cafes are always wonderful.

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