October Mornings in Sligo

A few photos taken over the last couple of mornings. We really have had four seasons in one day. It’s gone from being sunny one minute to heavy rain and hailstones the next.

I really need a new coat as well after finding out my ‘waterproof’ coat isn’t the slightest bit waterproof. I had a look around the charity shops in town for a new coat but didn’t find anything so I went to an ‘outdoor’ shop in the town and they wanted 100 euro and upwards for a coat! I’ll just have to get drenched for a bit longer.

It’s my own fault as it was lovely and sunny as you can see in the photos when I started walking around Doorly Park but quickly changed on my walk back. I must remember my umbrella in future.

This morning started off very cold and foggy. I only had the phone with me so just got the photos below. I like the fog, I think it’s very atmospheric.

The ‘blob’ is in fact the moon but without the camera zoom it just looks like a blob.

This house really reminds me of Father Ted’s house in Craggy Island….I can almost hear Mrs. Doyle ‘Go wan, go wan, go wan’.

10 thoughts on “October Mornings in Sligo

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  1. Gorgeous pics as always Val, you’re making me homesick and I only left the county on Tuesday! 😀
    If you’re still looking for a decent waterproof jacket, much and all as I’d like to shop local, you can get some amazing ones in tk maxx, got one there for 40quid that withstood 4 hours of continuous rain over the summer!xx

  2. Beautiful photographs. I love photos of boats! I came across your blog when I searched for Sligo as I just booked a trip to Ireland from the U.S.A and am so excited. I will be looking at your blog in more detail tonight!

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