Mullaghmore Donkey Derby

Mullaghmore, Sligo was the place to be on August 26th for the All Ireland Donkey Derby. Thankfully the sun was shining which is always a bonus.

The was a vintage car display, donkey show, bouncy castles, stalls and of course the donkey race.

This being Ireland though nothing starts on time and I was there way too early. So after a few hours of hanging around I went home.

I did enjoy looking at the donkeys though, they are such characters. These two seemed to be auditioning for the X Factor.

Not to be outdone the dog started singing too 😉

There was this lovely little donkey. It’s mother had died when it was born so it was being hand reared by the owners. The owner was telling me they went out to feed it and found it being fed by a cow!

In between looking at donkeys I went into the Star of the Sea walled garden. It’s a beautiful place, well worth a look. The rest of my photos are here.


5 thoughts on “Mullaghmore Donkey Derby

  1. john kelly says:

    Were you there this year magnum. Photos are brill from 2012, but I’d love to see shots from this year’s if you have them. I did a piece for The Irish Times. Regards John Kelly

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