Open Day in Angelworld

Yesterday was Angelworld‘s Open Day and the launch of their new holistic treatments. There was a chance for people to try out mini treatments and readings.

I got an angel reading from Mary. She was spot on, I couldn’t believe it. She had no idea who I was so she didn’t know anything about me and the things she told me aren’t common knowledge either. I would certainly go back to see her again. She does regular readings in Angelworld.

After the angel reading I got a tea leaf reading. My nan used to ‘read’ the tea leaves. It was the same thing everytime…..’I was going to cross water’ (yes to go back to the UK after my visit to her in Ireland!) and ‘I was going to get a letter’ (doesn’t everyone?). This reading was great though and was in conjunction with Angel cards, some of the things Mary mentioned came up in this reading too.

Next I got to see Aoife who does Amatsu. It’s a therapy that brings balance to your body and life. She told me my hips were out of alignment and my left leg was slightly longer due to this. She also ask what aches and pains I had and set to work on healing them. It was very gentle and didn’t hurt at all. I think this would really help Jono with his spinal pain so next time Aoife is in Angelworld I will bring him to see her.

I also picked some positive message cards from Loretta who be running a ‘Heal your life’ workshop in Angelworld soon. Details of all the workshops are here.

The room where the workshops, healing and readings are held is just above the shop. It’s a beautiful room, very calming and there are angels everywhere.

It really was a wonderful day. Well done to Marleen and her colleagues for running it. As well as all the workshops Angelworld run they also have an extensive shop with beautiful items. There really is something for everyone. If you can’t get in to the shop you can buy online. Just an update to say donations for treatments were collected and all proceeds went to charity, 500 euro for the Sligo Cancer Support Centre!! Well done to all involved.

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