Source Sligo

Well last night was a great night. A friend of mine invited me to Source Sligo. Now I never go out in the evening so it was a big change for me. Source Sligo is a new place in Sligo, it’s set over 3 floors: restaurant on the ground floor, wine bar on the second floor and a cookery school at the top of the building. It’s the first time I’ve ever been in there.

As you walk up the stairs to the wine bar there are shelves of the stuff….oh to go for a trolley dash in there!

There was a selection of Tapas. The food was lovely. The only thing we thought was that it would have been nice to know what the different cheeses were. The brown one was really lovely 🙂 We were also missing the onion relish and only realised when we had finished the cheese so although we did ask for some then we had nothing to dip in it.

There was live music last night by Keiran Quinn and Joe Hunt. They were both involved in ‘An Evening with Sgt. Pepper’ that we went to see last year. They are great musicians and we really enjoyed it.

Andy was also there with his friend last night. He wanted Guinness to drink but they don’t sell it. I wonder if that’s because it was a wine bar? It’s a shame because I would think tourists would appreciate being able to get a Guinness.

All in all it was a really enjoyable night and I look forward to going back again soon.

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