Sligo bargains!

I thought it was about time I did a ‘Sligo Bargains’ blog. I’m a big fan of second-hand things. I used to love car boot sales when we lived in the UK (they just aren’t the same here šŸ˜¦ ) Anyway there are a few charity shops in Sligo and this week Mrs. Quin’s charity shop is having a half price sale on most of their clothes. They are all in excellent condition and the staff are friendly and helpful. It’s one of my favourite shops in town. They also have the most amazing wedding dresses, all dry cleaned and in perfect condition.

Another good bargain to be had is in the Paint Pot, Castle Street, Sligo. They have crown paint for 12 euro reduced from 26.00. All different colours. I got a lovely lilac colour for Lucy’s room (I just have to get around to painting it now!)

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  1. A friend (female) ONLY wears second hand clothes she buys from the plethora of second hand shops in Hull, but she says you have to pick and chose the shop.
    On a more important note, Sligo has hit the BBC news across here because some expert thinks you have a meteorite hiding somewhere in your fair town that’s come down recently. The last one to be sold that came down in Ireland before the Millenium sold more than the price of gold apparently.

    1. I saw someone posting about the meteorite in Sligo, it’s not in my garden….shame. I’ll keep a look out for it though šŸ˜‰
      Your friend is very right, you have to find the right shop.

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