Looking for my mojo

I lost my photography ‘mojo’ for a while. I didn’t seem to have any inspiration, so today while Jono was at his course I decided to go to Hazelwood. Hazelwood Forest is on the shores of Lough Gill, Sligo. W. B. Yeats the poet was a regular visitor here and wrote poems about it.

I decided to have a picnic as for once it wasn’t raining. I forgot all about the swans though, so I ended up sharing 😉

Then I went for a long walk in the woods and around by the boats, it was very relaxing and got me back snapping again. It’s true what they say ‘The best things in life are free’.

8 thoughts on “Looking for my mojo

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  1. Hi Val,
    nightmare week – my laptop broken – been in for repair for a week now!! On Stefs at the moment but have lost all my contact details and addresses! So this is really for Jono –

    ***HAPPY 18TH*** I am sure you are having a fantastic day with your family. Makes sure your mum does a blog with plenty of pics 🙂
    Take care and go easy on the “black stuff”.x

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