Flowers and fans

The colour of this rose is the same colour as me after I spent most of the day cutting the grass (or should I say swamp). I really think I need to invest in a goat or donkey or something. Or if some kind person has a ride on lawnmower they don’t want any more can you pass it my way please.

I was amazed to hear today that I actually have a fan! I’m so shocked. I honestly thought I type away to myself. Well I talk to myself so I suppose there isn’t much difference. So of course now I’m running away with myself and thinking of doing a ‘Jedward’ on it and doing book signings in HMV. Only there’s one slight problem there I don’t have a book. Or maybe I could do a Jordan and bring out a fashion collection, consisting of swimming costumes that are see through in the arse area! Anyway if my ‘fan’ is reading please say hi!

So Britain’s Got Talent is back on tonight and we’ll watch it (and complain about it). I realised the flower arranging man we saw on Wednesday was on the show a while back. Have a look:

Now here are a couple of funny things for you.  Tesco are launching a staff model hunt. Ha! I hope they don’t look in the Sligo store, well not at the ladies that I usually end up going to (you know the ones with faces like a slapped arse). I’m sure there are some ‘lovely girls’ in Tesco though, here are the details if you happen to work there.

I saw this on twitter, it’s a pizza for the Royal Wedding. I think it’s very clever, it makes a change from mugs and tea towels (which I saw in Enniskillen, but I didn’t buy you’ll be glad to know).

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  1. Just checking in since your blog mentioned flowers. I’m a flower fan, especially yellow roses. Trying to have a flower garden that takes care of itself. Such fun!

  2. Well Val you have at least two fans in that case. I hereby announce that I’m a fan of your too! I will buy the book when it comes out too. 🙂 Jane x

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