Friday :)

It’s been a busy day today. I had to take Christine back for her NCT re-test. It failed last time on a headlight being out of alignment and a broken knob. Here we go again with the knob! Anyway I got the headlight sorted and got a new knob so too Christine back again. It cost me 28 euro for a two second re-test but she passed. She is now for sale so if anyone is looking for a Seat Ibiza, one litre, year 2000 at a great price give us a shout 🙂

Jono went to the Crib this afternoon which is a youth club in town. On the way there he got the Pokemon White which is the newest game out for the Nintendo DS. It just got released today along with Pokemon Black. Here’s a tip HMV is the cheapest for it and you get free gifts as well. HMV also have a special edition Pokemon white console…I’m not on commission by the way 😉

While Jono was at the Crib I went to a local cafe where there was music playing. Typical Ireland though, it was meant to start at 4pm and was almost 5pm when it did start so it was almost time for me to go. Also I was waiting ages to be served as the woman was too busy wiping tables (with the filthiest cloth I’ve ever seen). Needless to say I won’t be going back to that cafe again.

Now a quick question for you all. Do you prefer just one photo on the blog? Or do you like more than one? Or don’t you care? 😉 There is no correct answer and you don’t win anything. I’m just interested to find out your opinions.

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  1. Wonder how you’re going to word your car ad in the paper Val, and are you going to put her name in it? 😉

    Personally i’d love to see 20 squillion of your pix a day, love em! 😀 xxx

  2. Hiya Val

    Its nice to see the photos you put up and what you have to say about them. I think what you are doing is just right – keep it up.
    Hope Jono is enjoying his new game.x

  3. I love loads of photos, I wish I had more time to take them because my Lumix is stapled to my person 16 hours a day. Occasionally I don’t put photos on my blog and I have to say I always feel there is something missing when I don’t – go for it – more the merrier. The bonus reading your excellent blog is that (and I agree with PigasusSY) the pics are always top notch.

  4. Either is great. It depends on the subject I think. Sometimes just one photo says it all, and then another time it’s nice to see several pictures.

  5. I’m a bit nosey so i love looking at photos, your included. I only wish i was half as good with a camera myself.
    Love your blog by the way, its the only one i follow and i feel like i know Jono, Lucy etc… Some day i’ll see Jono in Dublin and i’ll be like OMG…its Jono! 🙂

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