The Flood

Yesterday I met a friend for coffee in Ballymote. Wow two coffee trips in a week. Maybe now I no longer need to buy a life from ebay.

We had a great chat, but the cafe we go to have changed management, it’s now dark, dingy and cold. There used to be a couch that we could veg out in but that’s gone too. The other place we went to was like the Twilight Zone. You had to step over the tumbleweed trying to find a member of staff to serve you.

So local people please recommend a nice, warm, cheerful place to go for coffee. Preferably in Ballymote and even better if it has a couch.

Anyway on my way home I saw ‘the flood’. I blame Cheryl Cole and Take That with their bloody flood songs. Remember when Rihanna bought out Umbrella, it rained for months. So ban those songs I say. The photo above was taken on my way home, I was too chicken to attempt to drive through it. So I reversed the car a mile back to turn around (I know have a buggered neck but that’s a whole other story).

I ended up going home via the arse end of nowhere and got stuck in traffic because it was all diverted from somewhere else. I need another coffee meeting now to recover!

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  1. Hi Val lovely photos – great road with the flooding, I have had to turn back in work and detour miles to avoid such roads! here now it’s not so bad, though with today’s rain I wouldn’t be surprised what will happen soon.

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