Bubbles, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well I’ve been having a bit of trouble lately thinking of what to photograph. I’ve sort of lost my inspiration. So yesterday I picked up my crystal ball and put it in the tin of Cadbury Roses! I think it makes quite a nice photo….it stopped me eating them for about 5 minutes as well 😉

Today I took the kids swimming. We haven’t been for a while due to the bad weather and Christmas. It was lovely to get back in the pool, although trust us to go when they were hoovering it! Yes you read it right they were hoovering the pool. So we spent about 20 minutes in the jacuzzi until we could go swimming. It’s a hard life!

After swimming we went to McDonalds for lunch, heaven forbid we should get too healthy 😉

3 thoughts on “Bubbles

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  1. A-ha – here you are! 🙂
    What a gorgeous photo. I’d love to have that on my wall – it’s the kind of picture that’s so random and beautiful, it makes you smile just to look at it.
    Swimming and McDonalds – proof that your life is well-balanced! Mmm…egg and bacon McMuffin with a hash brown and a latte, please. Now why don’t they serve those all day…

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