The ‘Dublin Eye’

The ‘Dublin Eye’, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well I have finally gone through a few photos from the weekend so I can do a blog.

On Friday we went up to Dublin. I got Andy a ticket for Supertramp who were live at the O2 on Friday night. He’s been a fan of them for years. I also got a ticket for me but then decided to let Jono go instead. He loves live music and he likes more of the Supertramp songs then I do.

I love Dublin. There is always something going on. As soon as we got off the train we saw the Fig Roll ‘tastebuds’ running all over the place.

We went into the city first and had our lunch/dinner at a lovely Chinese place, they had an all you could eat buffet. Then we had a quick look around and went to the hotel. On the way there we saw Oktoberfest which is a beer festival. It was packed (no recession there!)

When Andy and Jono went off to the concert Lucy and I went on the Dublin Eye. We both thought it was really good. I did a short bit of video.

Then we went swimming and lounged around the hotel. The lads came back around 11.00pm and had really enjoyed the concert.

The next day I was looking at twitter and saw the band Republic of Loose were at HMV, Grafton Street to sign their new album. Andy is a fan of theirs so off he went to see them. Funny enough he hasn’t stopped singing the songs since he saw them! Supertramp haven’t had a look in.

I took the kids to the zoo as they missed out when I went last time. We had a lovely day. It was very warm which helped. The elephants even went in swimming so that was lovely to see.

I have a load more photo’s to upload to flickr when I get a chance.

Edited April 2012. I’ve noticed people finding my blog looking for prices for the Dublin Eye. When we were last in Dublin I found it’s no longer there 😦 It’s now in the UK. It’s a real shame because it was a great tourist attraction.

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  1. Well maybe one day Val, i’ll get that little trip over your way that I was promised many moons ago… and I’ll be taking your blog around with me to remind me where to visit… unless you’re free as our personal guide!! LOVE the pics, especially of the eye, that one is gorgeous! πŸ˜€ xxx

  2. Republic of loose are great although they let me down recently cancelling their gig in Castlebar!! Are you going to see them in Sligo? Where did ye stay this time in Dublin? How much are they charging fot the Eye?

    1. We stayed at the Clarion, it’s handy for the O2.
      I wouldn’t mind going to see Republic of Loose in Sligo….but it starts too late.
      The Eye cost 16 euro (I think) for Lucy and I which I didn’t think was too bad.

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