Dublin, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

I had lots of views of my Dublin Zoo blog…..but not one comment 😦

Most of the time I think I am talking to myself (no change there 😉 ).

The zoo meeting was early on Saturday morning so I went to Dublin on Friday evening. The Sligo-Dublin line has lovely new trains so trust me to get the rotten old commuter one. These trains really aren’t suitable for a three hour trip so I hope Irish rail get rid of them soon.

I stayed in the Park Plaza hotel. It’s a 4 star hotel but was the same price as the Travel Lodge. Too bad it was in the arse end of beyond. I should have realised that when I got into the taxi at Connolly Station and the driver asked me for directions!

Anyway I eventually got to the hotel and it was really lovely. I had dinner after 9pm. The hotel bar had some great deals with main courses starting from 5 euro. The photo is the view from the hotel room.

I got a good nights sleep and was up bright and early for the zoo trip which you can read all about in my previous blog. It was all good until I got to the station to go home….guess what the bloody old commuter train was there again 😦

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  1. Oh, I will comment then 🙂 I really liked your zoo photos, but I think I love this cityscape even more. And pity about the train, I took the Sligo to Dublin train in August, and it was a treat!

  2. You have a comment now, lol. I read the zoo blog first. This picture is so different to the ones you put on around Sligo.

  3. Great photos as always.
    I have only travelled between Waterford and Dublin which also was a 3hr journey.
    I love train travel and as my life is normally spent chasing round like a mad thing, I quite enjoy sitting back and enjoying the slow pace. That is as long as the train isn’t so stuffed to the gunnels with commuters, that you can’t see out of the windows.

    1. Thanks Stella. I usually enjoy the journey, but these old trains are no fun. They are cold and uncomfortable. We are off again on Friday for a check up for Jono and I’m really hoping we get a new train.

  4. Guilty!!! 🙂

    I read and didn’t comment, sorry! Love the photos – you got some ‘foine’ ones – and it was great to meet you on Saturday. I really enjoyed the day.

  5. That’s the first time I’ve seen the Zoo blog Val – I was going to ask if had succesfully downloaded but after seeing other messages aout it I guess I’m just blind!!

    Looks like you had a good day and were given a fabulous tour – how fab to get the invitation! 😀 And it goes to prove you don’t need a large camera to get great pix.

    Furface and I have been on some great days out with the Olympus camera club over time and have had a high old time with the members.. and it’s always great to find fellow hobbyists who are happy to chatter over a flask of coffee!

  6. How unfortunate another commuter train was waiting for you at the station on the way home!!! It’s always horrible to get them when you’re used to getting the nice new ones. I travel on the Dublin – Cork line a lot to go down home to Tipp and they’ve had the new ones on there for ages, they’re sooo much nicer aren’t they!

    It’s a pity your hotel was so far away from the city center, but I’m glad it was a nice stay. It’s always great to treat yourself to a weekend in a fancy hotel 🙂 We stayed in the Sheraton in Athlone for a weekend in August and it was pretty nice there, a lovely treat!

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