Baby on board on Irish Rail

I was listening to the news today about the introduction of Baby on Board badges to expectant mothers  travelling on Irish Rail. It is hoped that this will encourage other passengers to give up their seats to these ladies. I have two thoughts on this. The first is what about the people out there with... Continue Reading →

A Spiritual Journey!

Today I took the train from Sligo to Boyle. I'm researching my new project which will involve different forms of transport. More about that in the coming weeks. There were a group of nuns on the train, I didn't think anything of it until they started reciting the rosary! I mean I know they are... Continue Reading →


Dublin, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I had lots of views of my Dublin Zoo blog.....but not one comment 😦 Most of the time I think I am talking to myself (no change there 😉 ). The zoo meeting was early on Saturday morning so I went to Dublin on Friday evening. The Sligo-Dublin line has... Continue Reading →

Freaky Friday

First of all a massive thanks to you all for your messages, you really are all brilliant! Now onto other news. Today I woke up early (still in Dublin mode). Got dressed and was in the kitchen contemplating whether or not to have breakfast when all of a sudden I noticed my kneecap moving....and could... Continue Reading →

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