Back to school

Rainbow chalk, originally uploaded by umglr.

Firstly I have to credit Lucy with the photo. It’s great isn’t it? She’s doing really well at taking photos.

She went back to school yesterday. A bit of an odd day but I suppose it eases them back. Poor girl even got homework last night. I had to go in the week before to pay money. 112 euro in total including 70 euro voluntary contribution. I don’t remember volunteering for that! So much for free education in Ireland.

On Thursday night we went to The Factory in Sligo to see ‘An Evening with Sgt. Pepper’. It’s a really great show. Andy enjoys it so much he’s been to see it 4 times!

There are some really talented musicians in Sligo including Sinead Conway who is one of the lead singers. She has a wonderful voice and should have done much better in the X Factor.

The show is coming to the Hawks Well theatre in November so if you like The Beatles do try and see it.

4 thoughts on “Back to school

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  1. I just LOVE that picture you have on your blog.
    My grandaughter goes back to school on Monday – and my daughter is out as “we speak” buying school books etc. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute. I so could not do that.

  2. Gosh! Val

    I think you might have some competition there :mrgreen:

    Oh well, I suppose it’ll mean more prizes to be enjoyed!

    I had a look at Lucy’s other shots and they’re great. I especially like the one of Rocket saying “hello” to the local horse 😀

    1. Thanks Steph. Lucy won a photo competition a couple of years ago. She won a camera…..and sold it to Jono!

      I love her horse and dog photo too, it’s so cute.

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