Free education my arse

The photo is well suited for this blog with 'Caution School' being very appropriate! I'm one of the lucky ones I only have one school going child now so I dread to think how much some families are paying. Education is meant to be free in Ireland, which is a joke because it certainly isn't... Continue Reading →

Back to school

Rainbow chalk, originally uploaded by umglr. Firstly I have to credit Lucy with the photo. It's great isn't it? She's doing really well at taking photos. She went back to school yesterday. A bit of an odd day but I suppose it eases them back. Poor girl even got homework last night. I had to... Continue Reading →

Sunshine and shadows

Sunshine and shadows, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. It was a busy day today. I realised that I hadn't got anything for Lucy going back to school, I know she doesn't go back until September but I like to be organised. So anyway we went into Sligo this morning but we didn't get much. It was... Continue Reading →

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