Firstly apologies for the freaky photo. Lucy and I have had great fun dressing up over the last couple of days. It’s years since I’ve worn any kind of dress or skirt. The dress above is actually Lucys. I put it on over my jeans and tshirt for the craic!

We’ve been invited to a party and it was beginning to look like I would have to turn up in my wellies and jeans so I had a bit of a panic.

Today was Jono’s computer class so Lucy and I went around Sligo in search of clothing. First of all we tried TK Maxx, there was a dress that looked OK…until I noticed it had a kind of pouch on the front, which would have been wonderful if I was a kangaroo……or I was thinking maybe I could put the dog in the pouch.

Off we went around other shops. No luck. I’m not big into fashion anyway, but some of the things out there are really awful. Sligo was mad busy with people arriving for the concerts this weekend. Poor eejits didn’t have a clue about the Sligo roads. Loads of them were driving down Rockwood Parade not realising there is no way ot of there, so it was chaos.

I was on the lookout for Westlife, no sign of them. Although there was one woman (not saying she had a big bust or anything), but I was convinced she had all four of them down her top.

In the end we went into the charity shops (we should have gone there first). I got a brand new skirt for 4 euro that still had it’s orignal price tag on it (11o euro….bargain!) I also got a couple of tops and a dress. So Cinderella shall go to the ball, minus the wellies.

After all that excitement we went and got Jono and had lunch in Chez Phillipe which is a creperie opposite the Courthouse. Tabby (he was in the X Factor) was playing there. He’s really good, he should have won the X Factor. Very talented bloke. There is a bit of video here.

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  1. What fun! I think you should reconsider the wellies though 😉

    I always say, every woman deserves a daughter (especially when panic shopping strikes)!.

    I have to agree with you about Tabby. I’ve not heard him before but I know raw talent when I see/hear it.

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