Vintage Festival, Sligo Folk Park, Riverstown

This is a photo I took, but one of my flickr friends made a much better job of it, making it sepia and looking like it was from the olden times, so I have uploaded Paul’s version.

Anyway yesterday myself and Jono went to the Vintage Day in Sligo Folk Park, Riverstown. We have been there on other occasions but not for the vintage day. It’s actually a weekend, yesterday saw Declan Nerney playing. Today saw Bosco making an appearance.

It was from 12-5pm. Of course I should have known better as it’s Ireland. The official opening didn’t take place until almost 3pm when Country singer Declan Nerney drove a tractor up to the stage to open the festival. It cost 12 euro to get in which I think is very expensive for what it was. Children were free.  There was free parking (in a field).

Lots of councillors spoke at the official opening. I had to laugh when one of them said it was great to see so many ‘strange’ people at the day!

There really wasn’t a whole lot today. Yes there were vintage cars and tractors but nothing you could take part it. It was just an exhibition and after seeing the one in Castlebar which was free I know which one I will go to next year.

There weren’t as many animals there as there were in previous years and much of the day was geared towards farmers. DVD’s were for sale: ‘Life on the land’ which was all about farming.

In the middle of the day a re-enactment took place of the Irwin family leaving ‘Fannybrook Farm’, aparently they got on their ass and moved to Canada where they were given 50 acres of land free. I’m ashamed to admit the child in me thought the name of the farm was very amusing.

Jono enjoyed looking at the model trains and it was also interesting seeing the collection of Barbies from around the World. I have some photo’s up on flickr and a lot more to go through.

Here is a bit of video of Declan Nerney in action:

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  1. Ummm, I was trying to imagine the name of the farm said aloud in an Irish accent! Its ok to be childlishy amused sometimes I think! xxx

  2. Looked like you had a fun day. Great picture again – try converting it to black and white, increase the contrast to make it look a little grainier and blur it EVER SO slightly and see what it looks like then.

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