Happy St. Patrick’s Day, 2010

Green, white and orange, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well as you know today was St. Patrick’s Day. I took my mum and Jono into Sligo town for the parade.

Luckily the weather was in our favour and although it was overcast it didn’t rain.

There were lots of bands including one from Oldham in the UK. Also several bands from Northern Ireland: Enniskillen, Strabane and Tyrone.

Alice in Wonderland seemed to be the main theme of the day with floats from Abbott and O’Hehirs. I really enjoyed Youth Reach who were all dressed as Michael Jackson or characters out of Thriller and were dancing around the place.

Sligo Mountain Rescue were great too. They were busy trying to rescue the Celtic tiger, sadly I think they are too late.

It was lovely to see so many people in Sligo town and there was a great atmosphere as well.

There is a short bit of video here, it’s not great quality but it’ll give you an idea.

There are also more photo’s.<br />

The only downside for me was the amount of cars, buses and trucks that just drive in the parade and are only advertising. If I wanted to buy a new car I would go to the maindealer, not look at cars in a parade……rant over 😉

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