The Hobby Workshop – Sligo Leader

Yesterday I went to a Hobby Workshop hosted by Sligo Leader. It was a very informative couple of hours. We heard from people involved in different hobbies and how it enhances their lives, we also heard how certain hobbies can help with finding a job. What stayed with me though was the personal stories. Before... Continue Reading →

An apple a day

An apple a day, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I'm so pleased it's half way through the week, I'm shattered. I hope I don't have another strange dream tonight. Last night I dreamt I was watching Star Wars the musical (!) and this Darth Vader type guy was behind me breathing on my neck (but I... Continue Reading →

I think Spring has arrived!

I woke up this morning, expecting snow (again), but it was a lovely bright day. No ice, rain or snow (its a miracle). So I took the kids to school and had to stop to take this photo. I'm still recovering from last night. I went to the local camera club, I found it very... Continue Reading →

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