A small chance of rain

A small chance of rain, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

It’s nice to be back home after the couple of days in Dublin. Although I seem to have gone from one hospital to another.
Andy hurt his back while I was away and has been in agony. I took him to the doctor yesterday who gave him an injection and two lots of tablets but he’s no better today and is having to crawl around the floor.

Lucy is still in a fair amount of pain and isn’t eating very much, poor thing.
Then to top it all mum ended up in hospital while I was away. So she’s not well either, she is at home now but has to go back to hospital on Thursday and then I have to take Lucy to Dublin on Friday to have her stitches taken out.

On Wednesday when we arrived in Dublin we found out that there was a bad crash between a Luas (tram) and a Dublin bus, it had blocked O’Connell Street. Over twenty people were injured, I believe a couple of people are still in hospital. I hope they get better soon.

We are just watching the MTV video music awards. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Lady Ga Ga is ga ga?

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  1. You’ve been having your run of bad luck again Val. But I’m sure things will be looking up soon! Keep smiling and lots of strength!

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