I wish I was a little bit taller……

Well what a week it’s been. What with Michael Jacksons sudden death and Farrah Fawcett who had the same type of cancer as my mum had seven years ago and is now doing really well.

I’m not going to dwell on either of these, there is so much hype about Michael Jackson at the moment, I find it a bit odd especially by people who didn’t like him when he was alive.

Anyway onto life here. I’ve been quiet on the blog front because we have been busy.
Thanks so much to the people who took the time to sign the petition about Crumlins childrens hospital cutbacks. Also thanks to two kind magicmums who were going to leave teddies at the Dail on behalf of Jono and Lucy as part of the protest about the situation.

I’ve still been waking up most mornings at some daft hour so have been going for walks. I was daft during the week and ended up having to walk down Rockfield hill during the school run (I forgot primary schools didn’t finish until Friday). There is no pavement on that road and in places barely room for two cars. I saw one near miss (or should that be near hit!) and althought I had to climb a bank to get out of the road I still had a car brush past my arm.
It’s mad that there are no pavements on this road. I saw children being driven such a short distance to go to school and I’m sure it’s just because it is too dangerous for them to walk to school.

Anyway the reason for todays pic is that we have been busy painting the house (or half of the house). We weren’t mad keen on the pink and it was looking very grubby. The only trouble is that neither of us are great with heights and even if we were we don’t have a long enough ladder to reach the top.
So far we have thought about stilt walking, trampolining, one of us standing on the others shoulders (including the cats and the kids) or even abseiling!
We phoned a hire place about one of those platform yokes that go up and down (ooer missus) but they want 150 quid a day! I only want to hire it not buy it.
So anyway we are a bit stumped at the moment and the house looks like some kind of ice cream…..any suggestions?

On the other news: You might remember me telling you that I entered the cats photo into a pet competition in the Sligo weekender. Well they didn’t win, in fact they didn’t even get into the top ten…..none of the cats entered did. So I’ve figured that cats aren’t very popular in Sligo and that maybe they should have put them in a different cat-egory 😉

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  1. the new colour is great; perhaps someone could suspend you from the window and you could use a brush on a long stick to reach the places other beers don’t

    I could also send the dragon man from one of my pics over to you, afraid hell bring his dragon though, might set the place on fire, LOL

    I quite like the pun at the end about the category, whaha. I hope the cat-ering was good though.

  2. Great post as always – I agree with Kees, a roller or pad securely fastened to a substantial pole would be okay. As a sixteen year old I can remember painting my grandparents house a three bedroom terrace with first floor old fashioned sash windows using an old wooden rickety ladder which had a couple of rungs missing. Looking back I can remember being nervous at the time – I must have been bl**dy mad! I love the idea of you trampolining to reach the peak, you could sell it to the TV for ‘You’ve been Framed’ and it would pay for the paint.

    Super colour you’ve chosen, a great contrast both to the white corner stones and the grey of the roof.

    Keep up the protest on the hospital front, I agree with your previous post and a point that I’ve made on my blog, our respective Governments have bailed out private sector bankers with OUR money with not so much as a ‘by your leave’ and now WE are paying the price with cuts in public services.

    Off my soap box – it’s too nice a day for that. Kindest regards


  3. Maybe you could paint the white parts to match the remaining pink and then it really would be an ice-cream house?
    Thanks for the posts about Crumlin, it’s really important to remember what’s going on there, totally agree with rarelesserspotted about the ‘ secret’ cut-backs…

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