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Roger Turner

Now it is that time of day,

When they would come strolling this way.

Always they’d pause, then take a seat,

Hoping that their friends they’d meet.

Most fine days they’d stop their walk,

Enjoying all their manly talk.

Football, racing, gardening too,

And all the things men like to do.

Then one day there were only three,

Who came for their chat while sitting on me.

They spoke about their departed friend,

Saying it was quick, right at the end.

After a while, three became two.

Their sadness clearly there in view.

It won’t be long, I heard one say,

Maybe tomorrow, or even today.

The two of them, still came to chat,

Talking about both this and that.

But alas, one said he felt ill,

He would have to go and take a pill.

The next day only one stopped bye,

And just looked up to the clear blue sky.

At least you are now totally pain free.

I’ll miss you friend, now there’s only me.

He never came to sit again,

Leaving me alone in wind and rain.

I wonder if he too has gone,

Back to mother earth, were we all came from

Thanks to Roger Turner for his lovely poem to go with the photo. Roger has done a few poems to go with my pics. I love them all….must blog some more of them. If you look for ‘The dog and the bookmaker’ blog there’s a really funny poem there that Roger wrote.
This is his page;

5 thoughts on “Gone

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  1. Wow – what an amazing poem!! And a great photo too! When I see a bench like that I think of my Grandad because he always used to sit on the exact same one and when he died we had an inscription done for his bench!

  2. The poem is fabulous, and what a privilege to have somone see a special something in your photos and feel compelled to write something special for it. You make a good team. 😀

    Hope the black cloud is lifting honey, just have to remember that even the darkest clouds travel on eventually. xxx

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