Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

I feel very down in the dumps today, I think everything is catching up on me.

I went to the camera club last night, I really shouldn’t have because my heart wasn’t in it. I felt a bit like I was on the outside looking in. It was nice to see everyones photos though, there are some very talented people…..sadly I’m not one of them.

It’s difficult at the moment because I’m so used to being strong and putting on a brave face, but if I had the chance I’d crawl into a corner and stay there.

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  1. Val, remember that it’s perfectly ok to feel down after all your recent troubles, so don’t be too hard on yourself… give yourself time to breathe and let things settle.

    And having followed your blog for some while I have to strongly disagree with you saying that “there are some very talented people…..sadly I’m not one of them”. That’s completely untrue! Your photos are beautiful! If I had the ability to compose and take pictures like yours I’d be over the moon.

  2. Oh honey – I’m so sorry to hear that. But, but, but you ARE talented – the first thing I thought when I opened your blog today was ‘wow this photo is amazing’. And that’s not just today. Every time I open your posts I think your photos are incredible. You have such a great eye. It’s natual to have ups and downs – especially after what you’ve been through recently – but I’m sure today is just a down and it won’t last long. xxxx

  3. Hi sorry you are feeling down, don’t be too hard on yourself you have been through the mill lately allow yourself time to grieve and wallow and whatever else comes naturally you can’t always be the “strong” one lean on your Dh and friends I’m sure they all lean on you when they need to and be kind to yourself I love your photography and I’m not just saying that, you really have an eye for it! hugs TrishaXXXXX

  4. i felt like that too… really wasn’t myself & couldn’t wait to escape!!
    except you know- i love your work!! i love your world view!! and i think you’ve had a pretty rough time of it so it’s more than ok to feel the way you do…
    and i don’t mind listening to you 🙂

  5. You know, everyone is entitled not to be strong, not to be confident, not to be in a crowd, not to be with friends or not to listen to anyone’s opinion. This is who we are: fallable human beings affected by events, often outside our control. But listen to these people in here… I don’t know how many you know personally but my goodness they are giving strong messages that: It’s understandable to feel how you do; you clearly have a talent and a keen eye for catching, entertaining and meaningful pictures and sometimes, that’s what can be just as important – it defines who we are. These people are radiating their love for you. I’m not an expert in dealing with the death of a loved one because it hasn’t happened to me in years thank goodness but I do know that time is needed to heal the broken soul and that will happen and what will hasten the moment is a belief in what people are telling you – you HAVE talent as a photographer, an observer of the human environment. Don’t forget, going to a club is an event, you aren’t competing against anyone or anything except your own standards. Perhaps use your photographs to express how you feel at the moment and use your energies in your art.

    Your ‘virtual’ friends are here for you girl.


  6. Do I have to go Van Day video hunting again to cheer you up???

    And you are a fab photographer. I’m still waiting for my signed print of the one with the straws that was deadly, which naturally I’ll sell for a fortune in years to come xx

  7. We all need one of those days where we can have a quiet moment and just be on our own for a little while. Things that we don’t get time to think about catch up with us eventually. I recommend some time out for yourself, even it it’s only to have a nice quiet lie down and a sleep. Then wake up to a cuddle and a nice cup of tea from your DH and the kids.


  8. I have a theory here – born out of necessity I’m afraid….
    I have always been ‘the strong one’ apparently but there have been many times when I allow myself the luxury of bolting myself away and just having a good bawl…. does nothing for my looks but what the heck – its a form of release and we all need that – then I find I can see straight again for a while.
    Hugs for you!

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