The dog and the bookmakers….

The dog and the bookmakers…., originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

I wonder if the dog backed the winner.

This poem was kindly written by Roger Turner.

Roger Turner

I take him on the bus,
Without any fuss,
And people say that I’m so good.
I guide him safely around,
And we are often found,
Taking a walk in the wood,

We visit the pub,
Where I get scraps of grub,
And sometimes saucer of beer.
In shop that sells fruit,
They say I look cute,
When I make an apple disappear.
But as you can see,

Not everyone likes me,
For they’ve banned me from watching the race.
You see, the other day,
I got carried away,
And got thrown out in total disgrace.

They were all a cheering,
As the favorite was nearing,
The final bend on the course.
When it fell like a stone,
On last few yards from home.
I felt sorry for that poor horse.

Well, they started to swear,
As all those in there,
Realised what money they’d lost.
Calculations were done,
And I was not much fun,
As they all worked out the cost.

Now, in all that time,
A few spots of brown slime.
Had somehow appeared on the floor.
And as one chap turned round,
His foot it had found.
And he slid feet first out of the door.

Well, I got the blame,
Now I am tied up in shame.
While he is there have a bet.
And when the racing is over,
He’ll shout come on Rover.
It’s a dog’s life being a pet!

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  1. That’s very funny. There is a bookies near my work and I see allsorts outside there, from pets to kids, and they’d probably do a better job of picking a winner

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