Car Breakdowns and Coffee Mornings

If this blog post title seems quite familiar it's because it is. I seem to be living in some kind of strange groundhog day either that or it's just history repeating itself. If you are a regular reader to the blog you will know my old faithful peeling green car Gilbert decided to fall apart... Continue Reading →

Pay & Play :-)

Pay & Play :-), originally uploaded by magnum_lady. This is the sign as you enter the Wine Street car park in Sligo. I think it's funny, but it must be confusing for tourists, it's been like this for well over two years now.

The dog and the bookmakers….

The dog and the bookmakers...., originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I wonder if the dog backed the winner. This poem was kindly written by Roger Turner. Banned By Roger Turner I take him on the bus, Without any fuss, And people say that Iā€™m so good. I guide him safely around, And we are often found,... Continue Reading →

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