Lazy Photography

This morning we woke up to snow. I was half tempted to stay in bed as I was awake half the night listening to the thunder-storm, the snow sliding off the roof and the dog shaking with fear! I think the sheep in the photo above looks photoshopped! It’s not but it looks like I’ve […]

Art and mountains

I went to my first art class today. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try and I really enjoyed…even though my photography skills are way better than my art skills. It’s safe to say Picasso has nothing to worry about. The people are very friendly and the teacher is great at explaining things. I’m looking […]

Snow and Speedos

I woke this morning to snow, it wasn’t too bad when I walked the dog but by the time I was ready to drive the kids to their courses it had settled quite a lot on our lane. Thankfully by the time we got into Sligo it was almost all gone, so only a small […]

Union Wood

Today I took Rocket-Dog to Union Wood in Collooney. We had a lovely walk and it mostly stayed dry. I was hoping we might catch a glimpse of a deer as the couple of times I’ve seen them on our lane I haven’t had the camera with me. No luck though so we’ll have to […]

Pilates and snow

So today we had snow in Sligo, thankfully not a lot of it as I hate driving in it and I had to go out today. There is a mountain in the photo but it’s very hard to see it. I went to my first ever pilates class today. I had been hoping to try […]

Snow in Sligo

I woke up to this today. It was snowing as I walked Rocket-dog. It didn’t stay for long though. I don’t mind snow for a day or two but it is a bit early for it.